Wednesday, April 8, 2020

mantra yoga easiest form of yoga

Generally what is understood based on modern science that ,
 A healthy mind lives in a healthy body 
where as in ancient times the Vedas made this statement more clearer , that
An inspired and stress free mind keeps the body healthy
Mantra Yoga is nothing but an inner journey 
with all Asanas and Pranayama one can reach up to the level of Ashtang Yoga related 4th part up to Pranayama starting right from  Yam Niyam Aasan Pranayam ,,,then after the Pratyahaar onward the inner world starts. like wise , Pratyahaar, Dharna Dhya and Samadi .
Mantra Yoga makes this starting right from 5th stage onward
what we get is the advance approach in the world of  Dhyan the Meditation. 
inner consciousness has been spoken in the spiritual world so frequently that seems easy
yes seems easy and in the nut shall this all is easy , 
but first of all  inner or internal detoxification is a must .
Mantra Yoga ensures that
this is the True Essence of Vedic Mantras Specialized Sound Frequencies and Vibrations they ensures the internal and eternal detoxification.
how ! we continue next

Vijay Rawal

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